Picult Avatar Gallery

You can easily upload to picult, its fast and anonymous, it will be uploaded to the "public pictures" folder, if it is good, it will eventually be moved to the respective album ^_^ thank you.

Please follow these simple instructions:

1) Irred is a Anime/Hentai Avatar Site, so upload only avatar images in .gif .png .jpeg .jpg formats, if you dont know what that means, then dont upload anything.

2) Try and post only nice stuff, to keep picult awesome.

3) Click on the "upload" button, select all the images you want to upload, and then go have a cup of tea.

4) The limits for now are 5mb animated image files (image files only), there is no limit on how many you can upload, go wild.

5) If you upload something you didnt want to, then send a e-mail to meetoo@picult.com.

Super Awesome Upload Box ^-^