And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? aka Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta?, literally You Thought Your Online Game Wife Wasn't A Girl?" is a Japanese Comedy and Romance light novel series, written by Shibai Kineko and illustrated by Hisasi. Hideki "Rusian" Nishimura is devastated when a girl flat out rejects him online and to make matters worse, the girl reveals that she is actually an older man in real life. With his heart broken, Rusian comes to an abrupt decision that he will never trust another girl in an online game again. Years later he is a guild member, when the guild has their first-ever real-life meeting, Rusian is shocked to discover that his teammates are not only all girl gamers, but they also attend his school. Sent by Hostcult, thank you!