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Ohayooo and welcome to picult the one and only place to find awesome anime and hentai avatars, ok ok i'ts not the only place, but i think its awesome muhahahah, anyways we have loads of gifs so if the page loads a bit slow, bear with it, also you can upload to the public folder by clicking on the cute chibi L ^_^.oO( any show or character missing? any problem? mail me to metoo@picult.com)
  • 26/08 Lots of updates, 20 new galleries and pleanty of new avatars ^_^
  • 03/07 Quick update burst... 9 new galeries, enjoy ^^
  • 16/06 Yay freaking back online / had a dead hard drive + corruption, so it took time to bring picult back from the dead
  • 29/10 Some tweaks and uploads, also check out the 4Kun Halloween Contest ohh and Happy Halloween!
  • 05/07 Uploads and parts of the site were broken for a couple of days, sorry about that >_< its fixed now ehehehe
  • 10/05 Tweaks on the uploader and a couple of 1000 new avatars, also animated gifs are now shown in page YAY! enjoy
  • 25/04 WHOOHOOO 9 New Albums ^^ including favorites/requested like azumanga and mahotama heheheh enjoy

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^_^.oO( heheh latest stats, humm we have 114 albums and 26805 pictures and about 41 comments YAY!)
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